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We are committed to helping each individual with autism spectrum disorder and developmental disabilities attain the highest quality of life--valuing each unique mind, body and spirit.
About Joshua Early Childhood Center (JECC)



Joshua Early Childhood Center is a non-profit center comprised of two seperate programs that together form our amazing learning community.  


Joshua Academy (JA) is a curriculum based early childhood learning experience for all children.  The learning experience is focused on all development including social, emotional, pre academic and physical.  Our program has a heavy emphasis on building character specifically leadership, kindness, acceptance and understanding taught through experiencing relationships with all those at the center.  


Joshua Early Intervention (JEI) is a non-profit autism treatment program for individuals and families challenged and enriched by autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  Utilizing the science of Applied Behavior Analysis and our 1:1 staff/child ratios, we are raising the standards for autism treatment everywhere.  Our program averages a 70-80% rate of success with returning our children with ASD to general education by kindergarten.  


Together, JEI and JA create a community experience that is Joshua Early Childhood Center.  

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