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We are committed to providing programs that will help all individuals attain the highest quality of life, valuing each unique mind, body and spirit.
About Joshua Early Childhood Center (JECC)



Joshua Early Childhood Center is a non-profit center comprised of two seperate programs that together form our amazing learning community.  


Joshua Academy (JA) is a curriculum based early childhood learning experience for all children.  The learning experience is focused on all development including social, emotional, pre academic and physical.  Our program has a heavy emphasis on building character specifically leadership, kindness, acceptance and understanding taught through experiencing relationships with all those at the center.  


Joshua Early Intervention (JEI) is a non-profit autism treatment program for individuals and families challenged and enriched by autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  Utilizing the science of Applied Behavior Analysis and our 1:1 staff/child ratios, we are raising the standards for autism treatment everywhere.  Our program averages a 70-80% rate of success with returning our children with ASD to general education by kindergarten.  


Together, JEI and JA create a community experience that is Joshua Early Childhood Center.  

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