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About Joshua Academy

Joshua Academy is a childhood learning experience for children  2.5-years through 5-years that values their unique interests, talents and dreams.  Some highlights of our program are:


  • Passionate and educated staff.  You will find our staff to be highly knowledgeable, engaged and loving. Our lead teachers have or are in masters degree programs, and all teachers receive ongoing professional development and training throughout the school year.

  • Small class sized and low ratios. We utilize small class sizes and ratios. In Twilight Peak, we have a maximum of 12 students with 2 teachers. In Treasure Mountain, we have a maximum of 12 kids with 2 teachers. 

  • Character building.  We focus strongly on social-emotional development and character building. We utilize the Pyramid Plus approach as our framework. 

  • Potty Training. We do not require a child to be potty trained before enrolling and work with families to support with the process.  

  • Innovative communication systems.  We are proud users of the leading early education platform: Brightwheel! 

  • Enrichment. Music and art class are offered weekly as part of our regular programming!

  • Parent involvement. Our families are involved in many different ways - from volunteering in the classroom, participating on our Parent Association, or taking materials home to help the teacher. We have a tight knit community that is unique!


To speak with someone directly:

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