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We are so excited to announce our upcoming fundraiser:
Moving Apart to Stay Together
On Saturday, October 24th, students, staff and families will be MOVING together virtually to support JECC! We are asking participants to commit to any sort of movement goal such as running a mile, 100 jumps on the trampoline, biking around the cul de sac, or a family wagon ride around the neighborhood. It doesn't matter how it looks as long as you're MOVING! We will be setting up a Zoom link so we can cheer each other on!
Participants will be reaching out to their community and asking for pledges in order to support their movement goal! We have high hopes for each student and staff member to raise $100, which would get us to a community goal of $7,000. If we achieve this, we will have a school wide celebration with snow cones from Kona Ice! 
Here's the exciting news! We already have a generous family donation of $2,500 and have gotten a commitment from Closet Factory Colorado to match donations up to $7,000.
This means we could raise a grand total of $16,500! 
More than ever, JECC needs extra funds to support costs Covid impacts have brought to our program. We know with the help of our amazing community that we can do it! 
We think prioritizing our health is more important than ever, which is why we hope you will consider MOVING with us, or donating to our event! 
To learn more about how to participate, please e-mail, 
or make your tax deductible donation here:

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