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"Hello" New Friend!

We are celebrating many things this week at Joshua Early Childhood Center("JECC")! Our Joshua Academy("JA") preschool program started up this week, as their 5 week camp program came to an end last Friday. We're so grateful for the many new faces that have decided to join our unique community!

Recently, we've started a new morning routine. This routine incorporates many of our philosophies and has brought our mission to life. Each morning, we bring a JA student outside to be a "greeter" as our Joshua Early Intervention ("JEI") children walk in the front door to start their day.

Most of our JEI kiddos are working on increasing their social skills. It's common to find us focusing on things like:

*Playing alongside a friend

*Playing cooperatively

*Taking turns

*Having a conversation

*Responding to a friend's request

.....the sky's the limit!

Our JA greeter plays an important role in opening the door to all of these social opportunities. Greeters have learned different ways to welcome our JEI kids so they all start their day knowing that they are valued as a friend here.

Greeters can:

*Say "hello", "hi", "what's up"


*Hold out their hand for a high-5

*Hug a friend

Our Greeters have learned that some friends are still learning to talk. Some friends use an "IPad" to say "hi" back. Other friends might need us to wait, even up to 10 seconds, for their teacher to help them say "hello" back. Everyone is different, and that's okay!

We're all here at JECC to accept and help one another.

Since starting this new morning routine, we've seen the JA and JEI kids drastically increase their interactions on the playground and throughout the day! It's incredible what can happen when we just give a friend a kind "hello"!

We hope you all give a kind greeting to a new friend today!

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