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JECC Awarded Grant for Outdoor Space!

Joshua Early Childhood Center was recently awarded a grant from Early Childhood Health Outdoors (ECHO) to improve our outdoor learning space.

JECC is among the first group of preschool programs in Colorado to be an Echo Seed Grant Site. Over 50 different early childhood centers around Colorado applied and only 25 were selected. We are very proud and appreciative to have been chosen!

Today, a team from JECC attended a workshop with ECHO to plan and come up with a beautiful and engaging space that all of our students are going to love! Final plans include more greenery and vegetation, walking paths with different sensory materials, a deck/stage for performances or art-making, obstacle courses made out of low balance beams and tree logs, music walls made from recyclables... the list goes on. ECHO will be drawing up our vision and action steps will be created soon after.

We are so excited for this opportunity and will update along the way!

As profoundly said today, “If you don’t have to throw them in the bath at night, they haven’t played hard enough!”

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