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Is My Little One Ready for Preschool?

Parents, are you having a hard time deciding if preschool is the right choice for your toddler?

We have just a few openings left in Joshua Academy for next school year in our toddler classroom. Twilight Peak provides a safe and nurturing environment to help our two and three year olds learn and grow. We begin the year helping our children become accustomed to the newness of preschool and work to ensure that each child has a positive first school experience. At this age, we spend a lot of time on social and emotional development. This involves teaching the children how to understand their own and others’ feelings, regulate and express their emotions appropriately and build relationships with each other. We believe at this age that a child’s work is their play. We use constructive, purposeful play to support this essential learning. The Creative Curriculum allows us to design activities around the interests of our children. Our days are structured and guided while led by the child.

If you are struggling to know whether preschool is appropriate for your young one, check out this article from to get more insight from the experts.

At Joshua Academy:

  • Staff are trained and experienced in the developmental milestones and best practices for preschoolers. Whether your child comes to us at two-years old or four-years old, you can rest assured we are meeting them where they're at and utilize our research-based curriculum to guide our teaching.

  • We believe potty training is an individual journey for a family, therefore do not require your child to be potty trained before attending our center.

  • Separation anxiety can be stressful for a kiddo and parent, and we are sensitive to these emotions. We create a plan for both the family and classroom that makes everyone successful.

  • We offer tuition assistance so that any child can access our high quality program from a young age.

Still not convinced? Check out these photos of our Twilight Peakers blossoming here at JECC!

Interested in enrolling?


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to setup a tour and get signed up before it's too late!

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