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Staff feature!

New year, new features! We are excited to start a regular blog post that will highlight a staff member here at JECC. To kick it off, we're introducing you to Mr. Brian who is starting his 9th school year at The Joshua School and Joshua Early Childhood Center!


Brian Cohn

Position at Joshua Early Childhood Center:

Program Specialist

How long have you been working at JECC?

Since Aug 14th 2009. This is my 9th School Year.

Tell us what you love about working at JECC?

I love working at JECC for the same reason that our students love coming to JECC: I am able to be myself and feel good about it. This community cares for its staff, students and families equally and fosters the most creative, innovative and energetic learning environment around. I just can’t get enough!

What do you like to do when you’re not giving it your all at JECC?

In my spare time, you can find me playing with my 2-year old son and listening to music.

JECC is incredibly lucky to have as loyal, loving, and energetic employee as Mr. Brian! He makes us laugh, has a heart of gold, and has changed many lives inside these walls. Here's to an incredible 9th year!

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