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Curly Clues Club!

Today we had a special visitor at Joshua Early Childhood Center! Jane Koerbel has over 30 years of experience in working with children and their families. She has her MA degree in Speech and Language Pathology and has held many different positions in schools, clinics, and private practice.

Jane created Curly Clues Club as a desire to share tools with parents to interact with their children in order to teach important social and emotional skills. Each month a new theme is introduced through a children's book as well as lots of activities to play, connect, and interact with your children. Each box is expertly designed and curated and includes a manual that explains all the activities and gives other ideas of how to work on these themes.

Jane is incorporating Curly Clues Clubs in preschools as well. Today Jane brought the Empathy Box into JECC. She first read My Friend is Sad by Mo Willhem. Then the kids did an activity to honor friendship by making medals for their friends with a description in one word of why they are a good friend (e.g., helpful, shares, ideas, plays, kind, sweet). The kids have continued to proudly wear and talk about their friendship medals all day! JECC now happily owns the Empathy and Sibling Conflict themed boxes!

Find out more about Curly Clues Club here!

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