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Tips on Finding the Right Preschool

Searching for the right preschool for your child can be overwhelming to say the least! There are many options, especially in the Denver/Centennial, CO area. So how do you know where to start and what to look for?

These 5 simple steps are just what you need before you make the leap to enroll your child into the best preschool for your family.

1. Start early

It is recommended to start a year a head of time. Many preschools have a wait list, so starting early can help get you in right when you want to start. But have no fear if you didn't plan ahead! Call around to the preschools in your area and you'd be surprised that some may have immediate openings!

2. Reach out to the locals

Sites such as Yelp and Nextdoor offer a great tool to hear straight from parents like you! You can also ask a preschool to offer references and parent contact information and reach out directly.

3. Schedule a tour

The best way to know if the preschool is a right fit for you is to tour the facility in person. Bring your child, as their first impression is also important!

4. Signs that a preschool program is well run.

- Pay close attention to the teacher-child relationships. Notice the language that is used when the teachers are communicating with their students. You will be quick to gauge the friendliness of the staff and the importance of that cannot be underrated.

- Ask about how they promote family involvement. Preschools that have high family involvement are often the schools with the strongest programs. When families are involved, children do better, teachers feel supported and everyone works together for the children’s learning and development.

- Inquire about the preschool's teaching philosophies as well as their discipline procedures.

- Find out about staff-to-child ratios and also the certifications that the teachers hold.

- Closely look at the space itself. Is it organized? Clean? Kids need enough room for motor activities, so be sure to look around for that type of space.

5. Go with your gut.

Most of the time, you will be able to narrow down your options depending on basic requirements: location, hours, availability, cost. But ask yourself when trying to decide...

- Are the school's values aligned with your family's?

- Do they treat the children with respect?

- Most importantly, can you picture your child happy in that school?

Good luck and happy searching!!

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