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Thankful For Inclusion!

As a teacher at Joshua Early Childhood Center, I am most thankful that the environment in which I work is built upon the foundations of acceptance, understanding, and compassion. Coming to JECC and seeing our children play together, work together, and teach one another in an inclusionary setting is a beautiful experience that I feel proud to be apart of.

The neurodiversity of our students is what makes JECC so unique and allows us to do the things we do. Every child brings a unique perspective that we as teachers value and try to incorporate into our teaching. From kiddos making up their own yoga poses to problem solving solutions in new ways, the creativity and play in the classroom is enhanced by the inclusion of all children. Even the kids are aware of this and are so eager to learn from and listen to one another.

JECC’s inclusionary model is based on the idea that every child should be valued for who she is and what she brings to the world, and I feel honored to be someone who helps to uphold this idea.

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