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"Thankful for..." Blog Post Series!

***Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and our preschool will be sharing what we're most thankful for! Multiple teachers will be contributing to this series, and you may even see some of our preschoolers' input! ***

Thankful for our students!

As teachers, there is a lot of time spent on planning and preparing for the many different things we set out to teach each day. It should be noted, however, that our students are the true teachers! The preschoolers at JECC arrive every day with a contagious energy that can awaken even a Monday morning grogginess. They are so perseverant and determined to make the most out of every moment. Even after a challenging moment or time, our students show up the next day ready to start fresh and conquer the world! We find there's a lot to learn from children and incorporate their positive energy into our everyday, adult, life. We are so thankful to work with kids who all have unique interests, talents, and dreams that make for an incredible teaching and learning environment!

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