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The Difference

One of our beloved student's recently graduated from our Joshua Early Intervention program. Transitions like these are always bittersweet since the staff, students and families here at Joshua Early Childhood Center work closely and create strong relationships over time.

As a thank you to the staff, the mother of this child wrote a beautiful poem. I have read it about thirty times since she gifted it to us and I think it captures our students and staff very well.

"The Difference"

There are kids who were issued a different toolbox at birth.

It's not the standard issue, full of shiny gadgets many of us take for granted.

Some of these kids' tools are smaller, some are bigger and some are missing.

There are also some so uniquely shaped that their purpose is a mystery.

When the toolbox looks different, there are those who think it's a life not worth living.

However, there are others who were given a very special gift in their own toolbox...

To empower these kids to use their tools, especially those that are a mystery to others.

The difference between opening the toolbox and ignoring it is...a life worth living.

For kids who are different, you're the difference.

By: Georgeann Doyna

What sets Joshua Early Childhood Center apart from other childcare centers is the wonderful staff. Each teacher brings their own set of skills, positivity and love each and every day to ensure that the students are reaching their full potential. Teach each day as if it were the student's last.

With the new expansion of JECC, we'll be able to open many more children's toolboxes and discover the tools inside to help them be successful.

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