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How To Contribute To Joshua Early Childhood Center

Joshua Early Childhood Center Building

Joshua Early Childhood Center needs your support now more than ever!

JECC is expanding from our current 2-classroom location, which has been housed inside of The Joshua School, into a beautiful, new 7-classroom facility. This takes a lot of work! We hope to have our opening day April 11, 2016! With this great expansion comes an even greater need... and that's where you can help!

What we need to make this happen!

We will need to furnish all 7 rooms with desks, shelves, carpets, toys... all of the things that make for a great classroom! We have listed specific items on our Amazon Wish List. There are also several startup expenses that have been quickly adding up! Your support could help us significantly with these costs!

As a non-profit organization, we rely on donor participation!

That is why we've created a crowdfunding site to make it easy for you to contribute!


Together, we will raise the bar for early childhood education!

We hope that you recognize the compelling need for the services Joshua Early Childhood Center provides children, families and the community at large. With your help we will have the resources to expand and improve those services at our new location. It is our mission to help all children attain the highest quality of life, valuing each unique mind, body and spirit!

It truly takes a village and we hope you will become a part of our village!

Thank you!

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