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In Twilight Peak, we provide a safe and nurturing environment to help our two and three year olds learn and grow. We begin the year helping children become accustomed to the new experience of preschool and work to ensure that each child has a positive first school experience.  At this age, we spend a lot of time on social and emotional development. This involves teaching children how to understand their own and others’ feelings, regulate and express their emotions appropriately, and build relationships with each other. We believe at this age that a child’s work is their play. We use constructive, purposeful play to support this essential learning. The Creative Curriculum allows us to design activities around the interests of our children. Our days are structured and guided while led by the child.

Throughout the year, we follow the same daily schedule which includes free choice centers, a large group meeting, outside exploration, teacher led center time, and small group work. The classroom is divided into distinct interest areas where children can explore the library, arts, blocks, imaginative play, toys and games, and a sensory table. Throughout each of these areas in the classroom, we are able to introduce the children to different components of literacy, mathematics, and science. The design of our classroom and schedule helps children remain engaged in the activities we offer, while allowing them to work either independently or in both whole class and small group settings.

Twilight Peak


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